The ballooning experience is more than just the actual flight, it's provocative quiet. It's an atmosphere... charged with excitement and anticipation. A form of flight where the destination is irrelevant and the journey is everything. Where lively camaraderie is the the sharing of champagne with your crew and the fascinated owner of your landing spot. Whether sailing high above the countryside or tracking the balloon's flight on the ground everyone involved participates in the unique thrill that is ballooning.

Come to East Tennessee and enjoy the beautiful scenery from a Hot Air Balloon!!!

We offer Sunrise and Sunset flights. This is the time when the winds are calm and the air is smooth making for the safest, most pleasant & visual experiences. So be sure to bring your camera. The actual meeting time will change depending on the season.  Your actual meet time and place will be given at the time of your reservation.

Prices:   $375.00 per person                              2 person minimum.                 

Reservations should be made far in advance, please make your flight at the beginning of your stay in case of bad weather for rescheduling. Next day flights can be booked based on availability.

Gift Certificates are available and do not expire!

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Corporate Balloon Programs

Advertising must get results. A logo hot air balloon assures it.

There's something particularly captivating about the sight of a hot air balloon rising effortlessly into the sky. It's a majestic scene. When it carries your company's message, it leaves a lasting impression on the viewing public. Your message reaches thousands with each flight. It's a colorful and powerful way to compel attention, create interest, make an impression, and convey prestige for your company. It becomes an event in itself....often generating press coverage by television and print media worth immeasurable dollars in free promotion and publicity. Whether it's in actual flight or a tethered promotion, each performance puts you at the center of attention. It makes your message unique and memorable.

Let us develop and carry out a complete balloon advertising program for your company!

We have flown balloons professionally for 32 years flying for ReMax, First Tennessee Bank, Mossy Oak, Bryan Foods, Ballpark Franks, Flying Golf Ball and many others. Also WOKI radio station in Knoxville flying their balloon at the 1982 World's Fair and operating The Great Smoky Mountain Balloonport giving Balloon Rides to visitors to the Smoky Mountain area.

 Flight Instruction

We are FAA Certified instructors. Let us provide training for your private or commercial balloon pilot license.