About Us

Hello Everyone...    Pip Holland has flown balloons professionally for 32 years flying for ReMax, First Tennessee Bank, Mossy Oak, Bryan Foods, Ballpark Franks, Flying Golf Ball and many others. Pip flew for the Knoxville's WOKI radio station at the 1982 World's Fair and operated The Great Smoky Mountain Balloonport.  

Presenty we are offering Balloon Rides and Promotions in the Smoky Mountain area.Come fly with us at our new location In White Pine TN.

We are currently flying the balloon to the left.It is a Aerostar AX8 90,000 cubic foot,with 100% diamond weave fabric  - Classic limited basket (58” X 46”) with padded leather rails and uprights,and a padded leather seat for your comfort. – 2 X 20 gal. lay-down tanks with dual 15,000,000 btu burners. We call her "Color my World"