Flight inquiries and scheduling should be made far in advance. Please consider planning your flight at the beginning of your vacation stay in our area in case weather conditions require rescheduling. Local residents have more flexibility. But vacationers are encouraged to plan for at least one rescheduling. The weather around the Smoky Mountains varies and is difficult to predict. Balloon flights can only occur if the weather conditions are ideal. 

By completing your flight inquiry, you are indicating a desire to take flight during a given time. Tennessee Balloon Rides will save your information and place your name on a tentative flight schedule. It is your responsibility to contact our balloonist, Pip at 865-654-3087. 

The day of your flight you may pay either with cash, a PayPal account or a Credit Card. Typically payment is made prior to the flight. If you have any questions give us a call. 

To submit your flight schedule please complete the form below:

Cancellation Policy
 If we are unable to complete your flight due to continue bad weather after rescheduling  you are not charged anything.
Deposit shall be forfeited if the customer cancels the flight, or does not agree to rescheduleThis includes Gift Certificates.   
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are a wonderful solution for that special someone. Buying one allows you the opportunity to share in the excitement of planning and organizing the event.  The certificate never expires so we will keep rescheduling till the weather conditions are safe. 

 At Tennessee Balloon Rides passenger safety is our #1 priority.  It's simple - if weather conditions are not safe we will not fly...period.


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